Rules and Terms

1. You must love cinema, crazy ideas and the synergies.
2. Come with lot of energy, KinoBarcino is going to be amazing.
3. Your ideas can’t be longer than 7 minutes counting with credits and kabaret show (in case that you include live show). We don’t want to put limits to your creativity but we want to screen all of your works in a proper cinema session.
4. You’ll take care of your own stuff and you will keep an eye on the others to make sure that nothing disappears. We are a community so we have to take care each other.
5. Try to help with your knowledge and originality to every single Kinoite!
6. La Caldera will remain closed during night, from 11pm to 10am.
7. Our Kino Schedule will be starting at 5 pm – 22th with the first meeting, your final cut should be deliver at 6 pm limit – 24th and they will be screened at 8:30 pm and at 10 pm will be the final party with live music. For sure pop corns are included 😉 Check out our website and facebook for news about everything.
8. Finally! Find a place where to sleep because in La Caldera you can’t do it. La Caldera’s Couch is there to rest, think and chat, not sleep! Check out hostel discounts or couchsurfing here!